International Collegiate Programming Contest @ IIT Mandi

Welcome to the home page of the IIT Mandi Programming Club for the ICPC! This page provides a short introduction to the competition as well as links to further information.

Competition Overview

The International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) is a yearly computer programming competition for college students from all over the world. It consists of three tiers in India: an online contest, a regional contest and the world finals. In each contest, three-person teams get five hours (three for online contest) to solve as many problems as they can from a given problem set on one computer. Each problem set has historically had 8 to 10 problems, which tend to be applicable to real-world situations with solutions that are intended to use a wide variety of algorithms. The top finishing teams in online round can go to participate in regionals, and the top teams there can represent India at the World Finals.
The IIT Mandi teams participate each year in ICPC and train rigourously with the help of the club competitions and sesisons. IIT Mandi usually has three to five teams to the regional contest. See the Hall of Fame for our performance at ICPC.
The training pages give an insight on how to prepare for the competition. The links page will help you become more familiar with and prepared for the contest. You may also contact current Programming Club coordinators for more information.